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“LeblIMG_8071on & Rio activewear is designed with quality, performance, and most importantly, the health and passion of our Brazilian heritage.  Brazilian culture is known for health and fitness and we incorporate our Brazilian roots into every piece we manufacture and sell.

Leblon & Rio outfits and items are designed from the vision of our lead Brazilian designer, Janaina Freitas. Janaina is a graduate of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. All of our products are manufactured by hand in Brazil adhering to the highest quality standards set by Janaina.

Our mission is to incorporate the soul and sensuality of the Brazilian people into our designs, fabrics- and fit!  Our clothes are not only strong and performance oriented, but they are designed to look good and sexy whether wearing them during exercise or as a fashion statement.

This unique and exclusive collection uses the best quality Supplex fabrics which are durable and made to hold vivid colors and retains shine through repeated use.  Our goal is to provide you with great comfort during physical activity from soft and flexible fabrics the incorporate fast drying technology that resists odors.

What we wear defines how we feel and how well we look and exercise. The  Leblon & Rio line of clothing is inspired from the amazing blue and sunny skies of Brazil, world-class beaches and a lifestyle that manifests the heart, soul and the beauty of Brazil to the bodies that wear them.

With affection,

– Leblon and Rio